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Design Dreams Become Realities in the Remodel Me Today Showroom

Home remodeling projects emerge from wishful thoughts, creative imaginations and ambitious goals. The renovation process can be daunting, no matter how enticing the outcome. Luckily, the Remodel Me Today (RMT) showroom offers a one-stop shop to kick-start even the boldest projects.

Before You Shop, Customize Your List

Inside the showroom, abstract design dreams start to form into tangible plans. First, customers have the option to sit down with a RMT staff member, upload their designs onto a computer, and watch as their ideas are translated into a 3D model with CAD technology. Independent contractors who come in with their clients can bring along their own blueprints and drawings to take advantage of this feature.

Customers tackling DIY projects can bring in measurements, rather than specific drawings, to plug into the software. Seeing the project come to life can help remodelers consider simple design components that might otherwise be overlooked, like where to build in a kitchen trash pullout or how much space to leave for a dining room table.

But while everyone loves a glimpse of the final outcome, the RMT team knows the secret to success is in the details — quality products tailored to your style, functionality needs and budget. Request a free Project Planning guide here to help you determine your budget and manage the renovation process. Browse below to learn more about finding products tailored to your project.

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High Quality Products For Every Project

After you visualize your layout, browse through displays of mosaic accent tiles; flooring options ranging from hardwood-styles to tile and vinyl planks; countertops in sleek granite, stunning quartz or durable porcelain; and beautiful modern, contemporary or traditional cabinetry styles.

RMT’s cabinetry brands offer an array of color choices — from elegant dark shades to bright white finishes — and sizes with varying options for customization and scalable pricing levels, allowing them to hit all client budgets. Seeing and interacting with the products in the showroom can help you choose the right option for your needs.

Maximize storage by opting for cabinets with toe-kick drawers — spring-loaded drawers built into cabinet baseboards — that turn previously wasted space into a place to store pet food dishes out of the way, or stash cutting boards and baking sheets. Create an efficient workspace with cabinets featuring built-in mixer-lifts, to make moving heavy equipment from storage to countertop easy.

If you need assistance, experienced showroom staff are available to help you achieve your goals and avoid potential project issues by recommending specific products and offering advice.

The Story Behind the Showroom:

Meeting the Needs of Every Customer


Remodel Me Today owner and founder, Brian Pauley, knows how important it is to balance style and function. Before he armed himself with a tape measurer and hammer, his tool of choice was a camera. Pauley originally owned a commercial photography firm. Inside his studio he started building custom sets for photo shoots, including fully functioning kitchens and mock houses. Soon he was inspired to remodel his own home and slowly the project requests started rolling in. Pauley continued to build a reputation in the construction businesses and in 2012 founded Remodel Me Today to expand his team and their reach.

“The more projects we took on, the more we realized that meeting customer needs in this industry is quite simple,” Pauley says, noting that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference like  returning calls and being there to listen, answer questions and help problem solve.

This dedication to providing personalized service is what sets RMT apart. With over 50 years of combined experience in the trades, the RMT team has earned 13 regional Contractor of the Year awards (and that’s just in the last four years). In addition, in 2018 RMT was recognized nationally and awarded the Contractors Big 50 Award. The team is also an active member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Pauley currently holds the office of the Vice-President of the Cleveland Chapter of NARI and chairs the Community Service Committee known as NARI Cares.

Pauley saw a need for these values not just between contractor and homeowner, but also between project-managers and product suppliers. This is what led him to open the showroom — a place that has the interest of independent contractors, DIY project-doers, and all other customers in mind. In the showroom, you can find all the products you need in one place. Even if a specific style you’re looking for isn’t stocked, RMT can serve as the contact between customer and manufacturer to help you get what you need.

There’s no place like home and RMT takes pride in helping you make yours the best it can be. Whether it’s your 50th kitchen redesign as a contractor or your first DIY project, you can count on RMT as your go-to product resource.

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