Kitchen Addition

Project Summary:

Keith & Jamie love their location and had put a lot of work into their home over the years. Purchased as their initial home a few years ago. They had grown tired of their cramped kitchen and laundry rooms. The kitchen had no room for entertaining or just enjoying a family meal with the now family of five. And the laundry room needed to become a combination mud/laundry area. They hired us to create a space more suited to their entertaining and family needs.

Our Challenge:

The new space needed to not only suit their rustic and natural style, it also needed to be eco-friendly to address health issues related to air quality and allergies. The new kitchen needed to be spacious including added functionality, organization and design. Eliminating or containing of the off gassing of dust, formaldehyde, and other allergens became a focus as well. Today’s commonly used building products many times trigger health issues. We would need to become creative through careful product selection and construction methods.

Our Solution:

A seamless addition that blended the old home with the new, created a more spacious kitchen suitable for their entertaining purposes and that all important family time with their three young boys. Old hardwood floors were blended with new throughout the entire first floor and then refinished for a uniform look using low VOC’s finishing materials. Added reclaimed barn siding in both the kitchen and laundry rooms paired with all solid wood cabinetry and an eight-foot sliding patio door and casement windows for added ventilation purposes and allowance of an abundance of natural lighting to save energy and stimulate health and wellbeing. The doors and windows chosen provided wonderful connection to the back yard to help Keith & Jamie’s family feel like they were part of the outdoors. Non-porous, anti-microbial, non-toxic, and easy to clean surfaces were selected to help address health concerns and a new anti-allergen air filtration system was installed to the HVAC system to improve whole home air quality

Our Results:

Our clients’ addition is filled with beautiful, rustic, and naturally unique finishes. Every detail in this new space is a reflection of nature from the reclaimed barn siding to the old-style farm sink and faucet combination, and the solid hardwood floors all of which is tied to the outside with the abundance of natural lighting.